Europe 2030, the air is breathless. With oxygen levels below 10%, it has become impossible for people to be outside without oxygen masks.
People have isolated themselves even further to survive. John hasn’t had contact with other human beings for a couple of years and keeps his hope alive by searching for human life in a world that stands still. 
Chaminé Algarve Filmweekend 2 (2023)
Festival Film Bahari - Indonesia (2023)
First-Time-Filmmaker Sessions - by Lift-Off Global - London/online (2023)
New York Brazilian Film Festival - NYBRFF New York City  (2023)

Best Sci-FI Short - Berlin Short Film Festival 2023

Honorable Mentions: 
Video Art and Experimental Film Festival - New York City (2023)

Other Screenings: 
Kreativhaus - Berlin (2023)
Epitech Chase - Berlin (2023)
Gaming Hotel - Schweiz (2023)​​​​​​​

Actor - Marcelo Rodriguez
Actress - Marie von Bose
Production companies: 
Ewerk Films
Alexandre Weber Martins

Producer/Director/Screenwriter : Alexandre Weber Martins
Producer / DoP : Jakob Hampel
Line Producer / 1st AD - Viviane Ruhnau
Gaffer - Alexander Schmutzler

1st AC  - Casimiro Eduardo Monteiro
2nd AC - Tung Nguyen

Art Department - Maria Lan Duong

Editor : Tobi Aengenheyster 
Compositors - Leeroy Missmann
Compositors - Erik Rüllicke
Compositors - Jakob Hampel

SFX and Mixing - Davide Russo
Original Scores composed by - Ran Loya 
Original Score Published by - Artlist Original
Mix and sound design - Davide Russo & Audioboutique

Craft Service - Ricarda Hampel 

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