Alexandre Weber Martins is a Brazilian filmmaker and photographer based in Berlin, Germany. At 8 years old, Alexandre moved to Germany with his family, into a city near Marburg an der Lahn, where he discovered his love for video games and music.
At 16 years old, Alexandre discovered his passion for photography and since he was interested in music prior to that, combined both mediums and began experimenting with motion picture, where he explores genres of storytelling.
In 2015 and onwards, Alexandre started working in the Esports industry, first as a coach and now as a filmmaker/photographer and content creator, as well as progressing as a writer and pursuing to writing his first screenplays and has been doing his own projects ever since.
After finishing his Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking he moved to Berlin in early 2020 to focus on his career as a Film Director and to be able to work at the growing Esports scene in Berlin.
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