Hey, I'm Alexandre Weber Martins a Brazillian Filmmaker based in Hamburg, Germany. With 8 years old Alexandre moved to Germany with his family, into a city near Marburg an der Lahn, where he discovered his love for Video Games and music at an early age. Currently, finishing up my bachelor of arts in Film & TV Direction at the Hochschule Mittweida the young filmmaker is finishing up his first big own project, the short film "Until I met Alex". A Project he wrote, produced and directed. 
With 16 Years old he discovered his passion for photography and since he was into music prior to that, he couldn't decide between both mediums. That's how I start experimenting with a motion picture. Shortly after the discovered Medium Film as his art of choice as it combined both music and photography into one to create what I called "ultimate form of art". Since then Alexandre has been experimenting with how to tell a story in video form. 
Alexandre started working in 2015 in the Esports industry, first as a coach, but now as a Filmmaker/Photographer and Content Creator. As he progressed as a writer he also pursued to start writing his first screenplays in 2016 and has been doing for his own projects ever since.
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