Director - Alexandre Weber Martins
Hello Schalke fans, LEC enthusiasts and fellow Challenger rank players, this is our final LEC documentary for the foreseeable future. Just like last year, we followed our players around in the gaming house to now give you an in-depth look at what went right - and wrong - throughout our turbulent 2021. Why did we sell Abbedagge? Why did we not sub Gilius back in? And what was the entire slot-selling process like behind the scenes? These topics and more are discussed in this doc, as well as a look back at our five-year-journey within Europe’s greatest esports league - narrated by none other than Sjokz! To all the players, casters, and the league itself: Thank you for your hard work. We wouldn’t have made it this far without you. Finally, thank you to all the Schalke fans that have supported us over the years. Whether it was Finals in Madrid, Athens, or the #S04MiracleRun, you’ve given us everything we could’ve hoped for. We hope we did the Royal Blues justice. And we hope you’ll stay with us for our future adventures in the German Prime League.

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